Cotton Club All Star Band (4tet)

Cotton Club Amsterdam Nieuwemarkt 5, Amsterdam, NH

The Cotton Club All Star Band is playing at the Cotton Club Amsterdam. Personell: Suzan Veneman (tp), yours truly (guit), Anton Drukker (db) and Dick Verbeek (drs)


Florian Hierdeis and Friends @ Cafe van Leeuwen

Cafe van Leeuwen Keizersgracht 711, Amsterdam, NH

A 2 hour jazz concert in a typical Amsterdam tiny Cafe. With nobody else but Iman Spargaren (sax) and Sven Schuster (db)


Gabriele v/dLinden Duo

Cafe de Pianist Groen van Prinstererstraat 41, Amsterdam, NH

Duo with singer Gabriele does Bossa's and Swing Standards in a small cafe.


Akki Haak Band @ Museum Hoeve Overslot

Museum Hoeve Overslot Slotweg 42, Egmond aan den Hoef, NH

The Akki Haak Band is 15 years on the road and still fresh and alive. Personell: Akki Haak (tb), Erik van der Weijden (sax), me (guit), Sven Schuster (db) and Dirk Jan de Koning (drs)  


Adan Mizrahi Trio @ Ruigoord (Amsterdam, NL)

Ruigoord Ruigoord 76, Amsterdam, NH

The classic jazztrio with Adan Mizrahi on double-bass and electric-bass, Florian Hierdeis on guitars and a super special mystery guest on drums. Enjoy the music! Be there or be square ;-)  

Live Jazz Music with the Weiss and Hierdeis 4tet

Pompstation Amsterdam

Personell: Kurt Weiss (tp), Florian Hierdeis (g), Sven Schuster (db) and Victor de Boo (drs) These respected  musicians from the Amsterdam Jazzscene play the great music of the golden age of jazz and improvising over the finest standarts of the American Songbook. At Restaurant Pompstation you are welcome for just a drink or enjoy a […]


Jazz-Flow Quartet feat. Maarten Ornstein

Pompstation Amsterdam

This will be a very fun gig at Restaurant Pompstation in Amsterdam with a great line-up: Maarten Ornstein (sax) , me (guit), Sven Schuster (db) and Victor de Boo (drs) I can't wait to meet the great amsterdam jazz-cat's!