Music and guitar lessons:

Music is for everyone! I teach grownups, youngsters and kids from 6 years on.
I’ve been teaching the guitar for more than 20 years at music schools and privately.


Foto by Klaas Fopma


  • Classical guitar, acoustic and electrical guitars (beginner to conservatory level)
  • Classical music
  • Pop and Rock music
  • Jazz and improvisation



  • Guitar techniques: strumming and picking chords, using tirando and apoyando strokes, and learning how to play legato melodies
  • Notes & rhythm: because being able to read music comes in handy
  • Improvisation: Improvising over chord progressions is a lot of fun
  • Ear training: developing an intuitive understanding of what you hear
  • Music theory: harmonics and the art of voice-leading, analyse and arrange scores


I teach in Dutch, English or German.


Pricing of private lessons

Duration Occasional lesson For students below 21 years Series of 5 lessons For students below 21 years
30 min   135 Euro 105 Euro
45 min 41 Euro 34 Euro 195 Euro 160 Euro
60 min 55 Euro 45 Euro 250 Euro 210 Euro
90 min 82 Euro 67 Euro 390 Euro 320 Euro

[All payments in advance. Prices include 21% VAT, except for students under 21 years of age who do not pay VAT. Series of 5 lessons are valid for two months].


Try-out lesson
Contact me for a 45 min try-out lesson for 30 Euro (or 25 Euro for students below 21 years).


Lessons are held usually at my house in Amsterdam Oost or online via zoom, skype or facetime. 

Foto by Verena Bitzer


Lessons at music schools

1. DJAM Music School for Jazz and Improvisation, Amsterdam West

  • Main subject jazz guitar
  • Jazz combos on Mondays

2. Music school Meer-Music Hoofddorp

  • Guitar lessons on Tuesdays and Wednesdays 

3. Music school Badhoevedorp

  • Guitar lessons on Thursdays 


[Prices at the music schools may differ from prices mentioned above.]